STAND service is a business model that provides platform-based services and provides
secure SW to users through various program links and links with other industries


Business model and classification


STAND platform services can be classified into two business categories. It is a business field that distributes blockchain-based business and software.

STAND service provides platform-based services through linkage with various programs and other industries. It is a business model that provides and supplies safe software to users.
The keyword domain referred to as a program is a comprehensive web, solution, application, etc. All software can be defined. STAND is a network of these service platforms. By constructing and interworking with various physical and software elements, and without the constraints of time and space. It is a service that makes a service environment that is easy to share and move universally. Open service The purpose is based on the platform, and a standardized system that considers the interface between programs and UX. It consists of a classification of platform services.

In addition, industry-specific software platforms support and apply standardization development of programs to Higher new software program models can be designed. By adding blockchain technology to this The illegal distribution of software is restricted, and global users use STAND TOKEN to pay, You can receive the means to use, install, and use the content.

STAND Ecosystem composition incentives


STAND TOKEN HOLDER can purchase, install and use the SW they want to purchase on the STAND platform. Users can purchase and use the SW they want to purchase on the STAND platform by paying STAND TOKEN. STAND HOLDERs can participate in various discounts and membership programs when purchasing software, and may receive related rewards if they provide feedback to software developers. There is. The received reward STAND TOKEN can be recycled when purchasing other products and contents.


STAND Third-party companies of the platform components are issued accounts of the management system included in the STAND network, and can access their own packages, IT services, and mobile application APPs. Can be operated. STAND is responsible for registering and verifying products by supervising products that meet the needs of consumers in collaboration with third-party companies in strategic alliances. SW providers can receive product feedback from users in real time, and can efficiently manage their own advanced testing. Customers who send feedback can receive STAND TOKEN as a reward according to their own policy.

STAND Platform operation

The platform operation team is independently formed to identify the problems of the software registered in STAND and resolve the issues. It is responsible for the installation and testing of the developed software, and analyzes and understands whether smooth service is provided in the user's use environment. It is in charge of the operation of STAND TOKEN and conducts external CS work.

SOFTWARE World market size

The global software market is estimated to be around KRW 1,535 trillion, and the largest market in the world is the United States. The U.S. is a market worth about $5938 billion, accounting for 45.9%, half of the world market. This is because there are many global companies in the United States that dominate the global software market. US international companies include PC OS, cloud, and information technology services such as Microsoft, Amazon Web Services, IBM, Oracle, Google, and Apple. Japan ($81.9 billion), the United Kingdom ($80.6 billion), and France ($51.3 billion) show a big gap from the top.

division 2019year 2020year(E) 2021year(E) 2022year(E)
PackageSW 6,054 6,201 6,420 6,886
IT service 7,205 7,019 7,105 7,351
game SW 1,521 1,646 1,782 1,960

STAND Target market size(LOCAL)

Although the domestic software (SW) industry is growing, the trend has been shown to be below the global average. In the software industry, there is a need for a momentum to grow the domestic industry in the major SW field, which is rapidly emerging as a key means of non-face-to-face activities and digitization after the corona pandemic (a global pandemic). It is the fact that intellectuals are coming out.

According to the '2019 SW Industry Annual Report' published by the Ministry of Science and ICT and SW Policy Research on the 25th, the growth rate of the market size by sector of the SW industry last year, such as IT service, cloud, and artificial intelligence All estimates did not meet the global market average, and Korea's software market share is only 1%. Experts predict that the growth rate of the domestic market in the field will continue to fall below the global market average. The global market growth rate this year and next year It will remain modest at 3.4% and 3.3%, respectively, but the domestic growth rate is expected to decline to 2.1% and 1.8%, respectively, during the same period. In the IT service sector, if the growth rate of the domestic market is maintained below the global average, the share of the global market will decrease as much, leading to continued growth of domestic companies It seems to be stagnating that much.



STAND users can search or index verified software, and for SW to purchase, only the authentication service registered on the STAND platform is searched on the ledger. And exposed to users.
In addition, it has been implemented so that users can authenticate more conveniently than the existing complicated membership sign-up and authentication procedures. It is equipped with a kind of user authentication membership service interface, which can be registered and used in decentralized information of transaction and data storage that cannot be tampered with. After collecting the purchase history ledger data on the side chain, the user's transaction information is finally recorded on the blockchain.



  • 01

    Blockchain-based authentication system

    Illegal distribution of existing software has always been a headache for the market. The information registered in the STAND service is registered in the block through hash processing and encryption. In the case of illegal users, the purchase itself is impossible.
  • 02

    Protection against illegal software and malicious programs

    Through a basic software registration authentication system and license operation, a virtuous cycle structure is provided in the distribution process, and users are authenticated. By installing and using the program, you can safely keep the information on your PC.
  • 03

    Platform service not specified

    STAND service aims to provide software platform service independent of specific OS, terminal, and environment. That can be registered on STAND's platform Software can be installed and purchased in various user environments, so you can conveniently search and purchase products that meet your needs.
  • 04

    Reward-based service

    STAND The service actively promotes a reward policy for users' activities. In fact, all events that users cause on the platform are In some cases, these are information that must be obtained with money. Users' tastes, consumption patterns, referral relationships, etc. can all be intimate marketing information with STAND services. All of these users' activities are compensated and paid through STAND Rewards TOKEN.
  • 05

    Based on transaction history

    Record keeping is based on the integrity characteristics of the blockchain, and as a static storage space, data or identity information such as contents, programs, SW, and IT services within the STAND service, Contents such as smart contracts can be recorded. Transaction processing is a security aspect, and it is continuously updated in the ledger such as STAND TOKEN asset exchange and settlement. It can have a role as a registration place where the details are processed.


Blockchain technology is a technology that stores and shares decentralized data through existing P2P and encryption technologies. Creates and stores independent private and public keys of users. The public key performs remittance between users using the hashed address. Transactions that have been digitally signed at the time of remittance are propagated to nodes connected to the P2P network, Proof of work (proof of work) is made in which participants approve the transaction. The approved transaction is stored in a block, and a block containing the entire transaction history is created by the mining operation that maintains each node. The created blocks are connected to the existing block with a specific key, and the blocks form a chain. Blocks are displayed as one hash value, and blocks are connected to each other in a way that a specific block is connected with a hash value that reflects the hash value of the previous block. This enables the blockchain to be decentralized on the premise of a ‘trusted third party.’


Blockchain is based on hash function, digital signature and public key encryption method, proof of work (mining), etc., and digital meta information of SW registered on the STAND platform can be forged. Put it in an impossible block and share it. Registered SW information is recorded in the database and blockchain as HASH and encrypted information, and can be managed by issuing digital licenses that cannot be used illegally. There is. In addition, since it is a structure and design based on a distributed ledger, it does not require a third party intermediary, so it reduces transaction costs, We provide services with information that can interact in the STAND ecosystem by recording overall information such as rewards and feedback on the blockchain.



When blockchain or distributed ledger technology is applied to the software platform industry, it enables software property rights to be protected and registered, as evidence in the registration stage and litigation. The structure that can play a role is provided by the STAND platform. You can have the advantage from a data point of view to be able to provide justification for expediting this process. The structure that STAND blockchain technology can do with respect to software property rights is as follows:

  • 01

    Software management history data certification

  • 02

    Software license registration and rights relation data structure formation

  • 03

    Control and transaction data tracking such as software download, use, and purchase information

  • 04

    Software onboarding sales execution and execution data management and sharing through smart contracts

  • 05

    Real-time payment of usage fees for SW operation is possible (STAND TOKEN)

  • 06

    Provide authentication and history data when identifying and recovering counterfeit content

STAND Security area

  1. DAPP Restricting access to illegal hardware Malware injection Malfunction, event cannot be operated Unapproved application
  2. NETWORL Traffic analysis Service access authority check Data leakage prevention Modulated data inspection and restriction
  3. PLATFORM Illegal access Information leakage prevention Privacy invasion Firmware manipulation Denial of service inspection


The STAND token economy has been modified to interact with the blockchain into extensions from the existing software architecture. Token transaction changes are related to the synchronization process with the central server (the database in the supply chain).

Add data management and software layers to make them compatible with existing smart contracts. In addition to STAND data management by blockchain, it is connected to the gateway service, and to communicate with the cloud for each section, the application A programming interface was added. This can be implemented through the blockchain workbench security policy element.



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    Charles Chan

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    Aryan NaVa

  • Engineering

    Terry Luo

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    Leo Han





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